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Robot-mine Review – Is Legit or Scam

Have you heard about the newly launched Nigeria platform called or do you wish to know how this platform works? don’t worry I will tell you every important thing you need to know about this platform including whether is legit or a scam, how it works, and how to earn, Let’s dive into it. Overview

Name: Robot Mine


Date Launched: November, 2023

Owners: Unknown is a newly launched Nigeria investment platform that claims to offer Nigerian residents the opportunity to invest and mint naira. This platform was launched on November 2023 by an individual or group of people whose identity is yet to be verified. has accumulated over 2000 users in less than 24 hours of its launch and offers a variety of investment plan that ranges from as low as N2K to as high as N900K. However, a lot of people have doubted the platform’s legitimacy.

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How does work

Robot Mine allows Nigerian individuals to earn a daily return income circle each time they invest in any of the investment plans available on the platform. This is to say that once you sign up for, you choose your preferred investment plan and invest, then check back every 24 hours to see your daily income, It’s important to note that this income rate differs depending on your investment plan and budget. also offers an affiliate program that allows users to earn income from each referral invested at the platform.


How to sign up for

You will be required to sign up at the Robot Mine before you can access any of the programs offered by the platform. Here are the few steps to register

Step 1

Visit the platform

Step 2

Input your details

  • Username
  • Phone number
  • Password

Then submit your application and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard where you can now choose your preferred investment plan.

Available Investment Plans offers 12 investment plans and every of these investment plans has its own unique cost and daily income rate. Here are the available investment plans.

Plan Cost Daily Income Duration

Robot 1

N2,000 N520 32 Days

Robot 2

N5,000 N1,300 32 Days

Robot 3

N10,000 N2,600 32 Days
Robot 4 N18,000 N4,680 32 Days
Robot 5 N30,000 N7,800 32 Days
Robot 6 N50,000 N13,000  32 Days
Robot 7 N70,000 N18,200 32 Days
Robot 8 N100,000 N26,000 32 Days
Robot 9 N150,000 N39,000 32 Days
Robot 10 N250,000 N65,000 32 Days
Robot 11 N500,000 N13,000 32 Days
Robot 12 N900,000 N234,000 32 Days
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All investors are to choose their preferred investment plan based on their budget. Referral Program

Robot Mine also offers referral program which allows users to earn a specific percentage each time they refer a user to the the platform. Here are the earning percentages for different levels.
Level Bonus Percentage

 Level 1

Level 2 2%
Level 3 1%

Is a Ponzi Scheme

It’s important to note that is a Ponzi scheme platform that intends to pay old investors with the funds generated by the new ones, however since this site was recently launched as of the day of documenting this publication, people who sign up now will be lucky enough to earn before the platform crashes. Click here to sign up now and cash out now.


Finally, isn’t a legitimate platform and no investor should trust this platform in other to avoid being a victim of any form of scam, Anyone admiring this platform should be aware of this. If you wish to get a more trustworthy and legitimate platform you can join our telegram channel.

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