Uskills Review: Is Uskills.africa legit or Scam? Ultimate Guide.


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Have you been hearing about the newly launched platform that African are now using to make money online? Do you wish to know more on how Uskills.africa work? Are you interested in registering but have some doubts about Uskill legitimacy? I will tell you every important thing you need to know about this platform and how to earn from Uskill.

    How does Uskills.africa works?

    Uskills Africa is a multi task platform, where users can acquire modern day skills such as affiliate marketing, copy writing, web development, freelancing and more. The platform also offer users the opportunity to make money in various ways such as performing daily tasks, selling e-books, referral program program or even by selling your products at the platform.
    Uskills doesn’t just operate in Nigeria, the platform also operates in other African countries which includes: Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Togo and South Africa and currently pay all users in US dollars.
    One good thing about Uskills is that you can earn through referral and non-referral program. You can make more than 35K with the platform every month.
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    How can I earn from Uskills?

    Just like I said earlier, Uskills offers users several ways to make money at the platform which includes: 

    E-book sales

    You can make a lot of money by helping people sell their e-books online. This method can allow you to make up to 65% commission per e-book sale. Imagine if an e-book cost $10 then you earn $6.5 sales commission. 
    Selling of e-books is a good way to make money at Uskills however, before considering this option, you must have a large audience either on your blog, WhatsApp or telegram group, or on your social media accounts. You must also learn how to promote goods before considering this option. Apart from that, you also decide to sell you own e-books and make money each time someone purchase your e-books.
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    Performing daily tasks

    This is another way to earn from Uskills. This platform offers users the opportunity to earn money by completing two daily tasks which are’

    i. YouTube video engagement 

    You can earn from Uskills.africa simply by engaging on their YT videos such as liking, sharing and commenting. You can also subscribe to the channel.

    ii. TikTok Video engagement 

    Just like YouTube video engagement, you can also earn from Uskills by sharing, liking and commenting on their TikTok videos.

    Referral Program 

    Another way to earn from Uskills is through Uskills referral program. You earn a commission each time you refer new users to the platform.

    How much can I earn per referral?

    You can also make money from Uskills for both direct and indirect referral. Here are the referral earning structure at Uskills.africa:
    1. Referral bonus – $7.2/₦3,600
    2. Indirect referral bonus – $0.4/₦200
    3. 2nd Indirect referral bonus – $0.2/₦100

    Indirect referral means that you also earn commission each time your referral refers new users to the platform.

    Selling Products Online

    Uskills also have a marketplace where users can sell their products online and make money. At Uskills you can sell products such as e-books, accessories and clothing. With this option you can make up to ₦120K every month which is very lucrative.

    How to Sign up/Register with Uskills.africa

    NOTE: without coupon code, you can’t create an account so it’s very important to purchase a coupon code before registration.
    If you have any issue or question, then you can inbox me on WhatsApp or save the number 2347041558998 (WhatsApp only) let’s help sort it out for you as soon as possible.

    How much is Uskills coupon code?

    Uskills coupon code costs ₦4,500 and it serves as an activation code for registration. After purchasing a code, you wouldn’t be required to pay any other fee.

    How does Uskills generate the money they pay users?

    Uskills generates the funds they pay to users through content monetization. The website is effectively monetized with two ads network which includes Adsterra and Monetag, they pay users some percentage generated from this ad networks, apart from that; both their TikTok page and YouTube channel are also monetized so they have enough option to pay users.

    Uskills Withdrawals

    Uskills offers users to withdrawal options which includes:
    • Referral bonusYou can withdraw your referral bonus every Sunday/Wednesday from 12pm – 2pm when it reaches $14 (₦7K) which is equivalent of 2 referrals.
    • Non-referral bonus – Your non-referral earnings can be withdrawn every second of the month when it reaches the minimum withdrawal of $40 (₦20K)

    Is Uskills.africa a Legit?

     Yes! the platform has a valuable source of income to pay their users just like what I said above, Uskills monetize their platform and pay users through the money generated from the monetization so be rest assured that the platform is legit. Unlike ponzi that intends to pay users through the funds generated by the newer once.

    U-skills Incentives

    Uskills reward members when they hit a specific referral milestone.

    Here are some prizes you stand a chance to win the more you refer people to join Uskills using your referral link:

    1. 100 referrals: An automated washing machine.
    2. 300 referrals: A brand new laptop or Ps4.
    3. 500 referrals: A brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max or Samsung S22 plus.
    4. 1000 referrals: A brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max or Ps5.
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    Uskills withdrawal proof

    Uskills Exceptional Features

    • Access to advanced present day skills
    • The U-TREND
    • Courses for U-POST earners
    • Swift and fast payment gateway for withdrawals
    • VTU enability for U-Post earners and Sales Earners
    • The U-LIKEE
    • High sales Commission on coupon codes
    • 24/7 Standby customer representative
    • Access to present day digital courses
    • Ranks and incentives for Turnover users
    • High Sales and Indirect Sales commission
    • Transfer of Earnings to Users
    • Global Enability With 8 African country integration

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    I have explained everything you need to know about Uskills Africa, I have clarify you if it’s legit or scam. If you want to start making money online ahead of this December then consider joining Uskills and start making money online, you have nothing to be scared of  I assure you that, you Contact Me so that I can review to you more ways to make money with Uskills so that you can start cashing out online with us.
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