Tree Planting Job In Sweden – How To Apply

Tree Planting Job In Sweden
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 Are you looking for tree planting job in Sweden? Do you wish to work and live in Sweden, or do you currently live in Sweden and is looking for possible tree planting jobs? Don’t worry I will tell you the current company looking for tree planters, requirements and how to apply.

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    Job Overview

    Svensk Skogsservice is currently looking out for tree planters and forest clearer who can help them tree planting, forest clearing, consulting jobs and chainsaw-cutting. The company are looking for people who are passionate about forest clearing and tree planting and can be capable to work the minimum of 40 hours weekly. The job is open for both experience and inexperience applicants all over the world. 

    Job Role

    Once you are employed at Svensk Skogsservice, you will be divided as a team usually four (4) in number, you will work and live with your co-workers (team).  One good thing about this job is that you can apply as a team together with your friends or anyone who is willing to join.


    In as much as this job is open for all possible applicants, there are some requirements that must be met before your application can be considered, here are some of the requirements.
    1. Must be above 18 years old
    2. preferably from Swedish forestry
    3. Can be able to work 40 hours weekly.
    4. Applicants with drivers licensed can also apply (optional)
    5. Must know how to speak English
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    How much will I earn

    In as much as the job price was not specified, we strongly believe that the minimum wages will not be less than 166.20 sek ($15) per hour.

    Eligible countries

    All applications from various countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and many other European countries are considered for this job. However if you’re a non Swedish citizen’s the job might require visa and work permit.

    How to Apply

    All interested applicant’s should contact any the following contact details for further information and application.


    Main office
    Address: Gamla Bengtsforsvägen 7
    668 32 Ed, Sweden.


    If you’re interested in tree planting and forest clearing jobs, or wish to live and work abroad, consider giving Svensk Skogsservice company a try. This is a great opportunity for to consider, it’s left for you to decide on whether to apply or not. To get latest job opportunities, consider joining our Telegram channel.

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