Top 10 Online Business That Pays Daily in Nigeria

Online Business That Pays Daily:
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Online Business That Pays Daily: In this modern days it’s no longer mandatory that people must have a physical shop before they can start making money, In fact a lot of people are now adopting the idea of earning money while working online. According to Statista, 5.19 billion people have access to internet, that about 64.9 percent of world population making it possible for people who wants to start their business online. You just have to develop passion for your business then put in efforts on making it successful. In addition, one of the advantages to start your business online is that it saves you the cost of renting or buying physical location, rather all you need is either a smartphone or computer system with a strong internet connection. I will tell you 10 online business that pays daily.

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    What is Online Business?

    In a simple definition, online business are business that are been carried out entirely on the internet. It can include selling product or offering services as long as the activity takes place on the internet such as social media platforms, website, e-commerce or even via email address, they’re recognized as an online business. 

    What does it take to start an online business in Nigeria?

    Well starting an online business that pays daily require just few things and they include;
    1. A smart device (either phone, laptop, tablet)
    2. A good internet connection is required
    3. You must be passionate
    4. You must be or willing to be creative and skillful
    5. You must know how to read and write
    6. A little fund might be required (varies based on the business you choose)
    If you can complete the criteria’s I listed above then we’re good to go.

    Top 10 Online Business That Pays Daily in Nigeria

    Here are the top 10 legit online business that you can start and make money daily in Nigeria without having to invest.

    1. Become a Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant is a types of remote work that enables you to make money by helping your clients or companies handle their activities. 
    A lot of companies are in search of people who can help them manage activities such as handling their social media accounts, setting up their schedules, receiving and managing their email address and WhatsApp chat. 
    In Nigeria virtual assistants are usually saddled with the responsibility of managing YouTube channels, Posting on your employee Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social media pages. Writing and publishing post on website, uploading and publishing e-commerce products even viewing and replying to WhatsApp messages.
    Virtual assistant is a great opportunity to consider in Nigeria, However there are some requirements that must be met before considering this job.
    • Basic SEO knowledge
    • Must be familiar with email marketing
    • Must be very creative in writing editing social media marking posts.

    2. Start a Blog

    Starting a blog is another great online business that pays daily in Nigeria. A blog is an online journal that allows you to publish article on your opinion in some particular topic usually refers as niche. To be honest blogging is one of the most considered online career by many Nigerians.
    Blogging is for people who are good and very creative in writing content, if you wish to start a blog then it require creativity skill in writing high quality content that can attract readers. To start a blog choose your preferred content management system such as Wordpress or Blogger, then by a custom domain name and customize your blog in a way that it will look attractive to users.
    Bloggers often earn through AdSense or other Ads network monetization, Affiliate marketing, Custom adverts or even  selling e-books on their blog. However starting a blog comes with few challenges
    • It can take you sometimes to start earning from your blog
    • You must understand search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Blogging is a time consuming career
    • As a new beginner it might be very difficult to rank at specific keywords
    • Blogging might cost you little money at some point
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    This website is another example of a blog. As an average blogger you can earn up to N200K to N5 million monthly, some of Nigeria bloggers make more. If you’re interest in learning blogger you can specify at the comment section and I will get back to you.

    3. Become a Freelance Writer

    Freelance Writer is another  great online business that pays daily in Nigeria. A freelancers is an independent or self employed personnel who works and earn on per-job or per-task term, meaning that you earn money by completing a giving job, freelancers works in hire term meaning that you’re independent. So a freelance writers are content writers who works independently for brands or individual, it can be on a hire or contract term. As a freelance writer you can publish for online websites such as blogs, e-commerce, News platforms and more. Nigeria freelance writers charges and average salary of N80K to N250K per month which is very lucrative. However before you can start freelance writing, you must have a basic knowledge on search engine optimization (SEO), you can hire me for that.

    4. Become a Web Developer

    To be honest, this is another great online business that pays daily. Web development is a great skill that can put food on your table, in fact as a web developer you can work beyond Nigeria, you can expect to work for clients all over the world. 
    A web developer is a person who create, design and develop websites for people. web developers are often saddled with the responsibility of creating websites such as blog, portfolio, e-commerce, school online portals and any type of website, one good thing about web developers is that you can decide to create and run your own website and still rake in millions. An average web developer charges N250K to N5 million per project in Nigeria. However to become a successful web developer, you must be well experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. 
    Web development is basically classified into two (2) categories; Front-end and Back-end development, you can choose to become any or even a full stack developer meaning that you work in front-end and Back-end development. Web development is a very good career in terms of working remotely, however here are the things you need to know about web development:
    • It can take months to master languages like JavaScript and PHP
    • You have to always refresh your brain and practice regular even as a pro because these programming and mark-up languages are updated always.
    • You need a basic understanding of SEO 
    • A well functioning laptop or a computer system is required.
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    5. Start Vlogging

    Vlogging is another great online business that pays daily in Nigeria. Starting up a vlog doesn’t cost a lot and you can make a lot of money as a vlogger. A lot of Nigerian Vloggers are making as much as N5 million every month from YouTube which is very impressive.

    What is a Vlog?

    A vlog is a type of video blog  or let’s say a vlog is a type of blogging that uses video as it’s medium. In a simple definition, a vlog is basically a video content or clip that emphasize on a particular topic known as niche and can be published in online platform such as YouTube. Vlogging is very rewarding and a lucrative career. You can start either a face or faceless vlog depending on your preferences.
    Report has it that Nigerian Vloggers makes an average of N200K to N5 million every month. However to start a successful vlog, the followings might be required.
    • A well functioning laptop and a smartphone
    • Good HD camera
    • Microphone
    • Learn how to edit videos
    • Strong internet connection
    Generally, vlogging is another online career to start in Nigeria however, it might cost you some money at startup so it’s important to have that at the back of your mind.

    6. Become a Drop shipper

    Dropshipping business is another online business to start in Nigeria and earn cool cash on a daily basis. One thing about dropshipping is that it doesn’t require much capital to start and it’s very less of stress in terms of difficulty.
    Dropshipping refers to a form of retail business in which sellers sell’s products without keeping stocks or the actual product on their website. They sends the requested orders to other companies who will then send the products to the initial customers. As a drop shipper, you sends all requested products on your website to other companies who have the ordered products. Then you might have taken you interest from the order.
    Drop Shippers make an average of N100K and above in Nigeria. All you need is to create a well functioning e-commerce website and you’re good to go.

    7. Start Content Creating

    Another hot cake when it comes to online business that pays well is Nigeria, in fact a lot of Nigeria content creators are extremely wealthy that’s why  a lot of Nigerians starts content creation on a daily basis.
    Content Creating is the process of generating ideas in a particular niche that are attractive to specific audience. It can be either written or visual content, However to build a large fanbase, develop strong social media presence and earn huge revenue, most Nigerian content creators creates more visual contents such as comedy skit or prank videos. Some popular content creators includes: Broda Shaggi, Brainjotter, Mr. Macaroni and Nasty Blaq. 
    Content creators often make money via content monetization, sponsored posts, advertisement, affiliate marketing and endorsement deals. However, to become a successful content creator you have to note:
    • You need to create a strong social media presence on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and most especially YouTube.
    • You need to create attractive contents.
    • You need to promote your contents regular
    • Be consistence and keep working hard
    Finally, content creating isn’t just good about the pay, it can also expose you to wider audience and make you famous. Content creators makes an average of N500K per month.

    8. Start Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is another great online career to consider, affiliate marketing require less stress and pays interesting sum, in fact some affiliate product pays up to 30% commission meaning that if the product worth N3 million naira, you earning a whopping N900K per sale.
    Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which the marketer (usually referred as affiliate) earns a given percentage for each sale made using their unique affiliate link. Affiliates usually promote goods and services for brands and get compensated for every successful sale made.
    There are a lot of companies that offers affiliate programs including; Amazon, Ebay and Jumia. Affiliate marketers make an average of N300K per month which is very lucrative. However before you can start affiliate marketing you need a strong social media presence, you can promote your affiliate link either from you social media pages or from your blog.

    9. Become an Online Tutor

    Online tutoring is another great way to make cool cash online without having to stress your self. If you any qualification in tutoring and enjoys teaching student then consider going for online tutoring.
    An online tutor is a person who works remotely, responsible in guiding and helping students learn and improve academically. Both the tutor and the learners connect through a networking process from their various locations.

    Online tutors are highly on demand, another good thing about this is that you can work beyond Nigeria meaning that you can be tutoring residents of other countries and still earn money in Nigeria. Online tutors makes an average of N200K in Nigeria. To start, you can visit any of these platforms;

    • TutorMe
    • Wyzant
    • Preply
    • eTutorWorld
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    10. Start Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

    Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is another online business that pays daily. If you’re good and cretive in write books then you can consider publishing e-books at KDP.
    Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is an e-book publishing platform owned by Amazon. The platform allow individuals to publish and sell their e-books to people all over the world, if you’re an author looking forward to publish your books online then consider Amazon KDP.
    The platform is totally free for e-book publishing. Amazon KDP publishers often earn the average of N150K per month by selling their e-books through the platform.


    Making money online haven’t been easy it requires a lot of hard work and consistency. All the career I listed above are good ways to make money online. I will advise you before making a decision on any of those businesses, please don’t go for the pay, choose a business that you’re very passionate about and work hard or else you’ll end up disappointed.
    If you wish to learn any of the following;
    • Blogging – N50K
    • Affiliate marketing – N30K
    • Web Development – N100K
    • Content Writing – N30K
    • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing – N30K
    Then Click Here to contact me, if you wish to join my online class, I will guide you in any of following career until you start earning fortune from it. If you have any question scroll down to the comment section and I will get back to you.

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