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Is Legit or Scam? Full Review

 Are you willing to know about is a legitimate or
fraudulent platform? Don’t worry you’re at the right place, I will tell
you every important thing to note about this platform, how it works,
how to earn, and if legitimate or a scam.

    What is

    is an online investment platform that was launched on October 2023 by an
    unidentified group or individual. This platform allows Nigerian users
    to invest in products and earn a daily return income. The platform also
    claims to be offering it users the opportunity to make money online by investing in their products.

    How does this Platform work?

    allows users to invest in any of their products online and earn a
    commission daily, This is to say that you can choose your preferred
    product that matches your investment budget and then invest and earn
    interest daily with your investment. This platform also offers a
    referral program that allows you to invite people to invest and then
    earn a commission each time your referral invests in any product.

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    How to earn from

    There are mainly two (2) ways to earn from G-CashMining and they are;

    1. Investing in a Product:
      When you invest in any of sanbenedettos products, you’re entitled to a
      daily income that differs based on your investment product.
    2. Through Referral Program: You’re entitled to commission when your referral invests in any of Sanbenedettos products.

    NOTE: All earning in G-CashMining differs which depends on your product of investment and how much it cost.

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    referral program allows you to earn a commission each time you refer a
    user to the platform. Here are the bonus percentage for referrals;

    • 17% for Level 1 deposit
    • 2% for level 2 deposit
    • 1% for level 3 deposit

    The platform also claims to pay an additional 5% bonus when your level 1 referral starts to earn.

    Investment Packages?

    offer a variety range of investment packages and here is the full list
    of Investment packages in two (2) categories;

    Popular Projects

    Investment Plan Deposit Daily Income Total Income Duration
    BOT 1 ₦1,500.00 ₦255.00 ₦12,750.00 50 days
    BOT 2 ₦2,500.00 ₦430.00 ₦21,500.00 50 days
    BOT 3 ₦6,000.00 ₦1015.00 ₦50,750.00 50 days
    BOT 4 ₦10,000.00 ₦1,690.00 ₦84,500 50 days
    BOT 5 ₦20,000.00 ₦3,380.00 ₦169,000.00 50 days
    BOT 6 ₦50,000.00 ₦8,380.00 ₦419,000.00 50 days
    BOT 7 ₦100,000.00 ₦16,720.00 ₦836,000.00 50 days
    BOT 8 ₦300,000.00 N50,400.00 ₦2,520,000.00 50 days
    BOT 9 ₦400,000.00 ₦67,200.00 ₦3,360,000.00 50 days
    BOT TEST ₦200.00 ₦50.00 ₦150.00 3 hours

    Is Legit or Scam?

    Right now the platform can’t be fully trusted they seems to look like a Ponzi Scheme, however at the other hand, G-CashMining has been paying every investors that invested in their platform, we haven’t gotten any negative report about the platform meaning that you might decide to give them a trial.
    Support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel so that we can start earning.

    Should I invest in

    to invest in is your personal decision but in my own
    opinion, I think the site will be paying users until it is no longer
    able to attract newer investors so those that are investing now might be
    lucky enough to cash until the site no longer able to attract huge
    audience. Click here to register

    How to Sign Up

    • Click Here to visit the registration page
    • Scroll down and click on Register
    • Input your details and click on continue
    • Then click on activate now and you will be redirected to your dashboard
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    choice of investing in G-CashMining is yours, but the truth remains
    that the platform doesn’t seem legit and investors are advised, the fact
    that the platform isn’t registered with any commission in Nigeria is
    enough to clear the doubts However, investors who invested earlier might
    be lucky enough to withdraw their earnings before the platform crash.

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