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Are you wondering if Futuretechnology is a legitimate investment platform? Or maybe you wish to invest but curious to know everything about the platform, do not worry I will tell tell you everything you need to know about, legit or scam and how the platform works. Let’s dive deep:

Platform Overview

Name: Future Technology
Launched: September 2023
Legal Entity: Unverified
URL: claims to be a Nigerian base investment platform that offer it users the opportunity to make money by investing on any of the investment packages available at the platform. The platform further claims to provide users the opportunity to invest in their future products such as fying machine or a luxury flying car. The platform has accumulated over 30K users in a month.

How Does this Platform Works? offers Nigerian users the opportunity to invest on any of the products available at the platform and earn a daily return interest rate for their investment. This mean that you can choose any product available at the platform and invest, then earn a daily return interest for your investment. The platform also offer a referral program which allow users to earn money by inviting new ones.

Available Investment Products

Products Cost Daily Income Duration

Daily check-in equipment

₦0 ₦20000 200 days
Future Technology 1 ₦2,200 ₦183.3. 80 days
Future Technology X3 800,000 ₦250,000 80 days
Future Technology S10 ₦1,200,000 ₦400,000 80 days
Future Technology K1 ₦2,240 ₦230 80 days
Future Technology F2240 ₦5,600 ₦636.3 80 days
Future Technology F3 ₦16,000 ₦2000 80 days
Future Technology II- 20MW ₦31,200 ₦4,333 80 days
Future Technology M1 ₦64,000 ₦10,000 80 days
Future Technology M2 ₦120,000 ₦21,428.5 80 days
Future Technology X1 ₦240,000 ₦50,000 80 days
Future Technology X2 ₦400,000 ₦100,000 80 days
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You’re to choose any of these investment products based on your budget. Referral 

You can also make money through referral program which is very interesting. The platform has it unique interest rate for every referral levels and they’re:

Level 1

18% Bonus

Level 2

2% Bonus

Level 3 

1% Bonus

Is Legit or Scam?

No, is a potential scam and a ponzi scheme which intends to pay older investors with the money generated by the newer ones. But at the other hand, since this platform is recently launched you can invest now and start cashing out before the platform crashes. 
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