Platform Review Review: Is WaspFund Legit or Scam?

Have you heard about the recently launched Nigeria investment platform called Wasp Fund? Or do you wish to learn more about the platform? I will tell you everything you need to take down about the platform and how to invest.

Waspfund. vip Overview

  1. Name: Wasp Fund
  2. Date Launched: 7th Sept 2023
  3. URL:
  4. Owners: Unverified claims to be an online investment platform based in Nigeria, The platform was launched on 7th September 2023 by an unverified identity. The platform offers Nigerian residents the opportunity to earn income daily by investing in any of the investment plans available on the platform. This platform has accumulated over 5,000 investors ever since it was launched which makes a lot of people doubt the platform’s legitimacy.

How Does work allows users to earn income daily while investing in any of the investment plans available on the platform, This means that you earn a daily return interest circle for a particular period when you choose an investment plan on the platform. Users can also make money through the affiliate program, You receive a given percentage each time your referral invests at, They are the main two ways through which users can earn money from the platform.

How to Sign Up

before you can access any service available at Wasp Fund you must have an account with the platform to enable you to access your dashboard. To sign up follow the steps listed below;

  1. Visit the URL
  2. Input your phone number, password, and invitation code if available
  3. Click on Register and you’ll be redirected to your dashboard
  4. From your dashboard, you can choose your preferred investment package to invest
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WaspFund Investment Packages offers thirteen (13) investment packages that range from ₦500 to ₦1,500,000.00. Here is the full list of the waspfund investment plan.

Pans Cost Daily Income Duration


₦500 ₦125 45 Days
WASP II ₦1,000 ₦250 45 Days
WASP III ₦2,500 ₦600 45 Days
WASP IV ₦5,800 ₦1,400 45 Days
WASP V ₦10,000 ₦2,300 45 Days
WASP VI ₦20,000 ₦4,500 45 Days
WASP VII ₦50,000 ₦13,000 45 Days
WASPVIII ₦80,000 ₦20,000 45 Days
WASP IX ₦150,000 ₦38,300 45 Days
WASP X ₦300,000 ₦78,200 45 Days
WASP XI ₦500,000 ₦133,000 45 Days
WASP XII ₦1,000,000 ₦264,000 45 Days
WASP XIII ₦1,500,000 ₦383,000 45 Days

WaspFund Referral Program offers referral program that allows users to ear each they refer another user to the platform. Here are the percentage for each referral levels.

Level 1

30% Bonus

Level 2

2% Bonus

Level 3 

1% Bonus

Is Legit or a Scam?

There is no doubt about that, is a potential scam and a Ponzi scheme platform that intends to pay old investors with the funds generated by the newer investors, anyone admiring this platform has to be very careful or else you end up a victim. In addition, as of the date of this publication, I can confirm that is not registered or authorized by any agency in Nigeria which makes it look more suspicious, I advise you to try finding out more about this website before risking your funds.


Finally, Anyone admiring this website should be very careful and do thorough research about this platform before investing otherwise you end up a victim. In addition to all that I’ve said, it’s important to note that this platform is not licensed with any of Nigeria’s top business corporations such as The Corporate Affairs Commission CAC. It’s safe to say that is a Ponzi scheme platform developed by some hungry Nigerian scammers just Like and, please avoid being a victim of this platforms.

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