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Monetag Review: How to Monetize Your Traffic With Monetag In Nigeria

Monetize Your Traffic With Monetag
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Do you know that a lot of Nigerian bloggers are making a lot of income with Monetag ads network? Do you know that you can make more than ₦5,000,000.00 per month with Monetag? In as much as Google AdSense is the best Ad network out there, there are other platforms with huge advertisers and a good Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM), Considering this features, definitely we must include Monetag as one of the best ad networks. So I will tell you everything you need to know about and why Monetag is a good choice for Nigerian Publishers.

    Monetag Brief Overview

    Name: Monetag
    Launched: 2012
    Legal Entity: Monetag Incorporated
    Competitors: Google AdSense, Adsterra, PubMatic, e.t.c

    Monetag is a digital ad network founded at Limassol, Cyprus in 2012 by Monetag Inc. The platform offers services for both advertisers and publishers. Monetag has accumulated a lot of users for both advertisers and publishers. The platform is widely known for it use of AI to optimize their publishers revenue and provide the best user experience (UX) for it publishers. Monetag is considered a user-friendly ad network because of its simplicity and easy to access features which is similar to Adsterra.

    How Does Monetag Work

    According to Monetag, it platform is for for monetization of desktop, mobile web and in-app audiences, remnant ad inventory, and social traffic with access to worldwide advertisers and high revenue-oriented tools.
    Monetag connect both Advertisers and Publishers in a way to trade ad space. Advertisers create ad campaigns on Monetag and target their ads to specific demographics and interests. When a user visits a Monetag publisher’s website or app, they will be shown ads that are relevant to them.
    At the other hand Publishers submit their websites or app for review. Monetag will then automatically generate ad units and match them with relevant advertisers.

    Monetag Ad Formats

    Monetag offers six efficient ad formats, each of these ad formats has their own unique CPC and CPM. Here are the six (7) ad formats and their advantages;

    Popunder/ Pop Ups Ads 

    1. The CPM rates are always high
    2. These full-tab ads appear in the new browser tab, allowing you to monetize every visitor
    3. Fully compatible with banners & AdSense
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    Push Notification

    1. Enables you make money even if a user doesn’t visit your website anymore
    2. These browser notifications take no space on your website and perfectly complement other ad formats


    1. Deliver very high CTR and CPM rates
    2. Superior user ad experience
    3. Perfect for additional monetization and can be easily customized

    In-Push Page

    1. Doesn’t occupy any space on your website
    2. Displayed directly on your website like a native banner

    Vignette Banner

    1. Allows to get better CPM rates and contributes to a higher CTR – 60% more on average compared to classic banners
    2. Comes with an integrated Anti-AdBlock solution for even higher profits
    3. Exceptional performance on every platform & OS


    1. Use the link with your own banners, buttons, and text
    2. A perfect solution for paid, redirect, 404 traffic, toolbar, and expired domains

    Multi-Tag Ad Format

    Multi tag ad format is the combination of all ad format in Monetag, With multi-tag you can earn as high as 53% more. There is no doubt on whether if multi tag is the highest paying ad format in Monetag platform, However you have to know that with this ad format users are likely to spend much time on your blog because of ad interruption, so if you wish to use Multi tag you have to take note of that.

    What is the Minimum Withdrawal

    One good thing about Monetag is that you can withdraw as low as $5 to as high as any amount you could earn from the platform. So once your earn reach the minimum withdraw of $5 you can issue a withdrawal however since Nigeria is partially banned from withdrawing from Paypal you have to receive your earnings on Payonner which the minimum withdrawal is $20.

    How to Monetize Your Blog

    In other to start earning with Monetag you will have to Monetize your blog with the ad network, which is the first step. Another good thing about this platform that they accept all types of traffic in Nigeria meaning that blogs with any volume of traffic whether high or low is eligible to apply. Follow the steps listed below to start monetizing your blog.

    #Step 1. Create an Account with Monetag

    before you can be able to monetize your blog the first thing you do is to create a Monetag account, theses are steps in creating a Monetag account;

    Visit the website

    1. Visit Monetag website
    2. At the top click on Sign up
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    Fill in the field with the required details 

    1. Choose account type
    2. Input you company name (Website Name)
    3. Fill in your personal details – First and last name
    4. Enter you country of residence and city
    5. Enter your home address, Email, Phone number, Social media and Nick Name and then click on next
    6. Scroll down and Fill in your monthly traffic volume and how you heard about them
    7. Accept the terms and condition
    8. Verify the captcha and then click on Sign Up

    Email Verification

    • Open your email (Please check your spam box) 
    • An email with a “VERIFY” icon will be sent to you, click on the icon and you will be redirected to the website.

    Set Your Account Password

    • After verifying your email address, you will be opt to set your preferred password
    • Set up your password and Login to your dashboard

    #Step 2. Submit your blog for Monetization

    After you might have successfully completed creating and verifying your account, the next thing is submitting your website for monetization. Here are few things to do;

    Adding your Website

    1. From your dashboard navigate
    2. At the top click on Create new ad
    3. Click on Add new site
    4. Enter your URL and click on add site

    Choose Your Verification Method

    There are three ways to verify your domain on Monetag and they include;
    1. Insert Code (Recommended for non Wordpress platform)- Inserting an HTML code between the <head> to <head> tag of your website.
    2. Upload File – Download the generated file and upload it to the root folder of your website
    3. Use Plugin – This is the best option for Wordpress users. Install the Monetag plugin and verify your domain
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    Apply For Verification

    After you might have chosen your verification method and have completed all the procedures, wait for few minutes and hit the Verify button. Once your domain has been verified, you can then go ahead and choose your preferred ad format to monetize your blog.

    Choosing An Ad Format 

    After you might have successfully verified your domain, the next step is choosing any of the six (6) ad format that I mention. Here is how to choose one;
    1. Login to your dashboard click on Site
    2. On your domain, click on Add zone
    3. Choose any of your preferred ad format and copy the HTML code
    4. Copy the code and paste it on any page you want it to appear on your website, if you’re using wordpress then copy and paste the parameters on your Monetag wordpress plugin.


    Using Monetag can be a good way to monetize your website but don’t forget that in other to maximize your earnings, you have to start publishing high quality contents that will drive organic traffic to your blog. The more valuable contents you publish, the more your chance of reaching wider audience increases and the more you earn higher. Give Monetag a try today and thank me later. Meanwhile let me know what you think at the comment section.

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