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Social Earning Review – Is Legit or Scam

Is Legit or Scam
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Have you heard about the Nigeria platform called Social Earning? Or do you wish to know more about this platform? If legit or Scam and how to earn. I will tell you everything you need to know about this platform and how it works.

How Does Social Earning Work?

Social Earning is a workspace platform that connect both advertisers and earners, Advertisers are people who wish to grow their social media followers and engagement so they create task for earners to perform. Earners are basically the people that performs social media tasks such as following pages, subscribing to YouTube channels, Liking and commenting to social media posts. Earners receive a specific percentage for every successful task completed. The platform also offers a referral program which allows you to earn a commission by referring new users to the platform.

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How to Earn from

As an earner at there are mainly two ways to make money;
  1. By Performing Engagement tasks
  2. Through Referral Programs

Each of the way you choose depends on your preferences and capability, both ways are very befitting.  

What is the minimum earning for performing tasks?

If you’re very passionate and dedicated in performing engagements tasks, you can make an average of N1,500 or more daily depending on how you choose to work. Referral Program

Another good way to earn from this platform is through referral program. If you’re good in convincing people over a particular thing then you can choose the referral program. Social Earning actually pays it users 30% percent bonus for every successful referral which is quiet impressive. Refer 5 peoples daily to the platforms and believe me, you will be making over ₦10K weekly, all you just have to do is to copy your referral code and share with friends and once your referral successfully deposit to the platform you then receive your own referral percentage. To copy your referral code
  • From your dashboard scroll down a little bit and then copy your unique referral link
  • Share with friends and receive bonus when they make a deposit

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate workspace platform that connect advertisers to earners, they pay earners through the fund generated by the advertise which is absolutely legal. Secondly this platform has accumulated a lot of positive reviews from different perspectives which make them more reliable and trustworthy.
SocialEarning is another task paying platform just like Hawkit, you don’t have to worry the platform is a legitimate one and no red flag has been found.

How to Sign Up for Social Earning

  1.  Visit the platform Sign Up page using this link
  2. Enter your details at the blank fields and then click on the Register button below
  3. Confirm your Email: open your email and click on the link which was sent to you (Endeavour to check your spam box if you can’t find the confirmation email on your inbox )
  4. After email confirmation login to your dashboard

 Account Activation

After setting up your account the next step is to activate your account so that you can start performing task. The account activation cost the sum of one thousand naira (₦1,000). To activate your account follow these steps;
  1. Login to your dashboard and click the Activate button below your balance
  2. You will be redirected to a page where you’re required to choose your preferred payment method (Pay with Naira or Pay with Crypto Currency)
  3. Go ahead and make your payment as soon as possible
  4. Upon payment completion, your account will automatically be activated

How to Contact Social Earning Customer Care

You can reach out to customer support via their social media handles, Use any of the one below;


Finally, is a great platform for anyone looking for a social financing platform that can enable him to earn money online while performing tasks. However it is important to know that Socialearning.orgs is only available for Nigerian residents, people residing in other countries outside Nigeria are not eligible to use Social Earning, it’s important to take not of that. If you have any question concerning Social Earning lay it at the comment section and I will be happy to get back to you.

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