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Ludo Naira Review: How to Make Money While Playing Ludo Game


How to make money with Ludo Naira
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Do you know that there is an App in Nigeria where you can earn real money while playing the Ludo game? Are you surprised? You don’t have to be, absolutely Ludo Naira allows you to earn real money while playing the ludo game. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about Ludo Naira and how it, how to play, and how to earn just steak with me as we dive into this game App.

Table Of Content

  1. What is Ludo Naira
  2. How to Play Ludo Naira
  3. How to Sign Up
  4. Ludo Naira Referral Program
  5. How to Withdraw From Ludo Naira
  6. How to contact Ludo Naira customer care
  7. Conclusion
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What is Ludo Naira?

Ludo Naira is an online mobile game developed by Ludo Tech LLP that allows users to earn money while playing Ludo. This game allows Nigerian users to compete against each other and earn real money while game, The platform has gained over 50K downloads on Playstore and more than 80K users ever since its launch in early 2023. Ludo game is a Multi-player video game that allows 2 – 4 players per match and is also easy to play, register and earn. So if you’re looking for a video game to earn real cash in Nigeria, Ludo Naira is an option to check out.

How to Play Ludo Naira

Ludo Naira is an online multiplayer mobile game that allows you to play Ludo and compete with other opponents online and earn rewards based on your stake. The goal is to claim as many points as you could before the given time is up, then the player with the highest point automatically wins and take the given staked amount as a reward. So players will have to roll the dice and move their pieces around in other to gain points. Ludo Naira has two multiplayer game modes.

  • Two Players’ game mode

Two (2) players game mode allows only two players which is you and your opponent. In this game mode, you can not compete with more than one opponent which makes it a little bit easier and less competitive, and also increases your chance of winning.

  • Four Players’ game mode

In four (4) players game modes, four opponents are required to face each other. This mode can be very challenging and competitive and your chance of winning might be very low, unlike two players mode, though the payout might be higher than the one of two players.

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It is important to note that each money you stake in every game will automatically be deducted from your wallet likewise all your winnings will be credited to your wallet. So you pay for every match you choose to compete. Tournament entry fee ranges from 0 to N1,000 and earnings also range from N1 to an unlimited amount.

How to Sign Up For Ludo Naira

To sign Up for Ludo Naira you need to first download the mobile App available in Playstore and install it on your phone in other to sign up. Signing up with Ludo Naira is very easy and can be completed within the space of one minute.

  1. Launch the App on your device: Once you launch the Ludo Naira App on your Android device, click on Continue with Google
  2. Choose your Google Account: You will be redirected to choose your preferred Google account to complete the signup.
  3. Visit your dashboard: After choosing your Google account, you will be redirected to your dashboard with a welcome bonus of N25

Ludo Naira Referral Program

Ludo Naira offers a very simple and straightforward referral program that allows you to earn N100 for every successful user you refer using your unique referral code. All you just have to do is to share your referral link with your friends and once they signup using your referral code you receive an N100 referral bonus. To get your referral code;

  • Click on the setting icon that is located at the top right of your dashboard
  • Choose the Refer and Earn option
  • Your referral code then appears with instructions
  • Copy and share the code
  • Earn an N100 bonus once user signup with your code
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How to Withdraw From Ludo Naira

It is very necessary to withdraw your fund after you might have worked hard earning them, it gives you the confidence to put in more effort and boost your playing ability. Here are steps to withdraw your money from Ludo Naira;

  1. From your dashboard click on Wallet, located at the top
  2. Click on the Withdraw Option
  3. Choose your preferred bank account and input your account number
  4. Enter your Withdrawal amount
  5. The money will then be deducted from your wallet and your account will be credited in a few minutes

How to contact Ludo Naira customer care

If you have an inquiry or wish to contact Ludo Naira customer care service for further help, you can do that by using the details listed below;


Finally, If you are looking for a reliable gaming App that allows you to earn money in Nigeria, you can consider giving Ludo Naira a tryout, the App is legit and pays real money to gamers however, it is important to know that the mobile App is available for only android users as of the time of documenting this article. If you have further questions specify them in the comment section and I will be glad to give you feedback.


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