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Hawkit Review: Is Legit or Scam

Hawkit Review: Legit or Scam
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Have you been hearing about the trending Nigeria platform Hawkit, that allows you to earn money by performing just a few social task? In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about Hawkit, legit or scam and how to earn with it. All you have to do is to read the post carefully and ask a question at the comment section if you get confused.

Table Of Content

  1. What is Hawkit?
  2. How does Hawkit work?
  3. How to Earn from Hawkit
    • Following social media accounts
    • Liking social media posts
    • Commenting on social media posts
    • Sharing social media posts
    • Engagement and Subscribing to YouTube channels
    • Joining a Telegram or WhatsApp Group or Channel
    • Retweeting on X (f.k.a Twitter)
    • Apple Store Download and Review
    • Playstore Download and Review
    • Posting Adverts on your social media account
    • Posting Adverts on your WhatsApp Status
  4. Hawkit Referral Program
  5. Is Hawkit legit or scam?
  6. How To Create an Account
    • Hawkit One-time Membership fee
  7. How to contact customer care
  8. Conclusion

What is Hawkit?

Hawkit is an e-commerce and social finance platform that allows Nigerian resident to advertise, buy airtime VTU and data bundle, resell products, or even performs a social task in exchange for a commission. Hawkit is a verified platform that is authorized by Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the registration number RC1677464 which makes them an identified Nigeria Platform. Hawkit has an official website and a mobile App which is available on Google Play store and Apple Store for download/

How does Hawkit work?

I initially mentioned that Hawkit is an e-commerce and social financing platform which means that you can buy and sell products in Hawkit, at the same time you can also make money at Hawkit by performing daily tasks such as liking a post on social media, commenting on a post, like or follow a Facebook page. subscribe to a Youtube channel or even post a WhatsApp Status. Hawkit intends to promote social media for the brand by paying users a reward to engage their customer’s social media accounts. So you can start earning today on Hawkit once you meet their requirements.

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How to Earn from Hawkit

With Hawkit, You can make up to N6,000 daily if you’re dedicated and passionate about it but I will be concentrating on how to earn from Hawkit social financing, this is to say that I will be teaching you how to earn from Hawkit social task performing. This is to say that you earn money from Hawkit when you complete tasks given to you. There are many types of tasks to perform in Hawkit such as Twitting on X (formerly known as Twitter), Like or Follow a page, Subscribing to a Youtube Channel, or even reviewing an App on Playstore and Apple Store. I will review every task offered by Hawkit and their earning prices and requirements.

Here is the list of tasks offered by Hawkit and Earnings

Following and Liking social media Pages

With Hawkit you earn N3 per page followed which is very impressive, meaning that if you’re able to follow 1000 pages daily you earn an impressive N3,000 daily. So you can create a social media account today and then start following pages with your account to earn money.

Commenting and Liking posts on social media posts

You don’t just earn money when you like or follow pages on social media, you can also earn while liking and commenting on people’s posts on social media. Just Like the first one, you also earn N3 for every successful like or comment so this is a better option for you to earn money.

Sharing of social media posts

This is another good way to earn money from Hawkit, when you share people’s posts on your social media account, Hawkit pays you for every successful share you made. You get N50 for every post shared, So you can choose to start sharing posts on your social media account and earn money from Hawkit.

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Engagement and Subscribing to YouTube channels

This is another popular feature of the Hawkit platform. This feature allows you to earn money while subscribing or engaging in YouTube channels this means that you earn after a successful YouTube subscription or even liking, viewing, sharing, and commenting on a YouTube Channel or YouTube Content. You earn the sum of N30 for every successful YouTube subscription or engagement which is quite impressive.

Joining a Telegram or WhatsApp Group or Channel

You can also earn a commission when you join a group/channel on WhatsApp and Telegram, this feature allows you to earn while joining a Group or Channel on this platform. You earn the sum of N50 per channel or group joined.

Retweeting on X (f.k.a Twitter)

You can also earn on Hawkit while retweeting people’s tweets on X. This is one of the easiest tasks on Hawkit, all you’re required to do is just retweet a post and earn the sum of N50 per retweet which is very impressive.

Apple Store Download and Review

You can also earn money by downloading and reviewing Apps in the Apple store. This task is only available for IOS users. You earn a whopping N60 for every successful app download and review,

Playstore Download and Review

Just like the Apple store this task is only available for users with the Android operating system and allows you to earn N50 for every successful App downloaded and reviewed.

Posting Adverts on your social media account

You can also earn money while posting advertisements for brands on your social media accounts or Facebook account. Instagram page, TikTok, and X pages. In other to be eligible for this task, you must have a minimum of 1,000 followers on your social media accounts. You earn a whopping N100 per advert post.

Posting adverts on WhatsApp Status

With this task, you earn for every successful advertisement posted on your WhatsApp Status and you earn N50 per post which is very impressive.

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It’s possible that you can’t perform all the tasks listed above but ensure that each task you do is done legitimately. 

Hawkit Referral Program

This is another great way to earn from Hawkit, you earn an instant commission worth N500 when you refer a friend to become a member. To get your unique referral link click on the profile icon located at the top right of your dashboard and click on My Profile then scroll down and copy your referral link.


Is Hawkit legit or a scam?

With all the information we’ve gathered Hawkit International Incorporated is a Nigerian licensed platform by Corporate Affair Commission (CAC) in 2020 with the RC Number 1677464 making them a more reliable and trustworthy platform. So you can go ahead and create an account with Hawkit, the platform is recognized and authorized by the CAC.

How To Create an Account

You need to create an account before you can start earning from Hawkit. It’s crucial because it gives you access to your dashboard. Here are steps to create a Hawkit account

  • Visit the Hawkit official website or launch the Hawkit App on your smartphone
  • Scroll down and click on Create Free Account
  • Enter your Full Name in the blank field and then click on Sign Up
  • You will be redirected to another page where you will be required to fill in your preferred username, email address and password then click on Create Account
  • Confirm Your email address to log in to your dashboard
  • Congratulations you’ve successfully created an Hawkit account

Hawkit One-time Membership fee

After creating your Hawkit account, you might not be able to earn from your account this is because you have not been activated as a Hawkit One-time Member. In other to be included in Hawkit membership you need to pay a one-time Membership fee which is equivalent to N1,000 and can only be paid once in a lifetime. To make this payment, use the Flutterwave payment gateway integrated into the Hawkit platform and once your payment has been confirmed you can perform as many tasks you can perform daily and start earning.

How to contact customer care

If you have any questions or inquiries and wish to contact Hawkit International Limited, You can send an email to 

You can also start a live conversation with their customer care using this link here


In conclusion, Hawkit International Limited is a great platform for anyone looking for a social financing platform that can enable him to earn money online while performing tasks. However it is important to know that Hawkit sometimes doesn’t have enough tasks that might enable you to hit your targeted figures daily so it’s important to take deep consideration before making up your mind on whether or not to sign up for Hawkit, the decision is yours based on your conclusion. If you have any questions drop it in the comment section and I will be glad to hear from you


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