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Is Legit or Scam: Full Review on CRH

Is Legit or Scam: Full Review on CRH
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Are you willing to know everything about this newly launched Nigerian platform and how it works? How do people earn from it, and is legit or a scam? Don’t worry; I will satisfy all your curiosity in this blog. Take a deep breath as we dig in deep on whether is legit or a scam and how it works.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is CRH (
  2. How Does Work?
  3. How to Sign Up
  4. How to Invest in
  5. investment plan and price
  6. Crhng Referral Program
  7. How to Withdraw From
  8. Contacting Customer Care
  9. Is Legit or a scam?
  10. Should I invest in
  11. Conclusion

What is CRH (

CRH ( is a Nigerian-based investment platform that was launched in late July by an unidentified group or individual. The platform claims to offer users the opportunity to invest in materials and cryptocurrency and earn a higher return and profit. The platform also offers a referral program that allows individuals to earn while referring others to the platform. This platform has accumulated interest among many Nigerians, but the main question now is whether is a legitimate investment platform or just another fake investment platform.

How Does Work? claims to allow you to earn money while investing in any of the investment plans available on the platform. Each of these investment plans has its own unique daily interest rate and investment duration, so you choose your investment plan based on your budget and earn daily interest on your investment. The platform also claims to pay users through referral programs, meaning that you can also earn a bonus each time a person signs up through you.

How to Sign Up

Here are the steps to sign up for 
  • Visit the CRH website at and click on Sign Up below.
  • Enter your preferred Phone Number  and password.
  • You will be required to enter an invitation code (use this random code: 5fea49db).
  • Then click on Sign Up, and you will be redirected to your dashboard instantly.
  • You have successfully created a account.
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After you sign up, you will be required to choose an investment plan in which you will invest and start earning. CRH investment ranges from as low as N2,000 to N5,000,000 with a 90-day duration, meaning you actually earn a daily income from your investment for 90 days. Here is the full investment plan with its prices, duration, and daily income.


Investment Plan Price Daily Income Duration
CRH-Paris N2,000 N120 90 Days
CRH-wexford N5,000 N310 90 Days
CRH-Brussels N10,000 N640 90 Days
CRH-California N25,000 N1,650 90 Days
CRH-Ontario N60,000 N4,080 90 Days
CRH-UAE N150,000 N10,500 90 Days
CRH-Budapest N400,000 N28,800 90 Days
CRH-Ohio N1,000,000 N74,000 90 Days
CRH-Firth or Forth N2,500,000 N190,000 90 Days
CRH-Florida N5,000,000 N390,000 90 Days



Investment Plan Price Daily Income Duration
CRH-VIP1 N100,000 N10,000 90 Days
CRH-VIP2 N200,000 N20,000 90 Days


Investors are to choose an investment plan based on their budget. Referral Program offers a referral program that allows you to earn a commission when you refer an individual to the platform. You automatically receive a 12% bonus when a referral invests using your unique invitation code.

Can this referral bonus be withdrawn?

Of course, the referral bonus can be withdrawn as long as it reaches the minimum withdrawal limit of N1,000, so this referral program can be another way to earn.

How to Withdraw From

In order to withdraw money from, there are a few things to consider::
  1. You must link your bank details to your account
  2. You must reach the minimum withdrawal limit of N1,000 before you can withdraw your funds.funds.
  3. Withdrawal is available from 9am. to a.m. to 6 p.m.daily. p.m. daily.
  4. A 10% handling fee will be deducted for Naira and 5% for US dollars.dollars.
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Here are the steps to withdraw from CRH

  1. Login to your dashboard and click on the Withdraw button. the Withdraw button.
  2. Fill in your preferred disbursement account details (If you haven’t already). haven’t already).
  3. Enter your withdrawal amount (a minimum of N1,000). And click on continue.
  4. Enter your password and wait a hours, and your money will be disbursed into your bank account.

Contacting Customer Care

To contact customer care, you can use the WhatsApp number available at the portal.. I haven’t confirmed if they respond or not,not, but you can give it a try.

Is Legit ora scam? a scam?

Being honest, considering the site structure, the lack of contact details,the lack of a the lack of a company registration ID, and the lack of a description of the platform, isn’t a genuine platform, and investors should be very careful because this site might be a Ponzi Scheme that intends to pay older investors with the money generated by new investors, and once the platform isn’t able to attract new investors, that is the end and the newer investors become victims, so you have to be very conscious.

Should I invest in

Choosing to invest in CRH is your choice; this platform was launched recently, and investors investing now might be lucky until the platform is no longer able to attract newer investors. So if you wish to invest in this platform, it’s your choice, but don’t forget that it might be very risky and illegal to do so.


At the time of writing this article, I can confirm that is a suspicious website, and anyone admiring this platform should be very careful not to fall victim to any form of scam. A legitimate investment platform should have enough contact details,including an address and an authorized ID issued by a well–verified commission such as The Securities and Exchange Commission. If you have any questions, you can drop them in the comment section.

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