How To Convert Airtime To Cash With AirtimeFlip App


How To Convert Airtime To Cash With AirtimeFlip App
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Do you know that you can now convert your airtime to cash in these modern days with no stress? I will tell you all you need and how to use AirtimeFlip App to convert airtime to cash in a few minutes. Just stake with me as we dive in deep on how to convert airtime to cash with Airtime Flip.

Table Of Content

  • What is AirtimeFlip 
  • How Does AirtimeFlip Work
  • How to Create an AirtimeFlip Account
  • Account Set Up
  • How to convert Airtime to Cash
  • Withdrawing Money from the AirtimeFlip account
  • Paying utilities Bills With AirtimeFlip
  • How to contact AirtimeFlip customer care
  • Benefits of using AirtimeFlip
  • Conclusion

What is AirtimeFlip?

AirtimeFlip Technology Limited is a Nigeria technology company founded in 2018. AirtimeFlip provides Nigerian users the access to easily convert airtime to cash, buy airtime and data plans and pay utility bills. It is easy to say that AirtimeFlip is one of Nigeria’s airtime-to-cash converting platforms, with its headquarters based in Owerri, Imo state Nigeria. AirtimeFlip offers their services through their website and mobile App which is available on Playstore and App Store. AirtimeFlip is registered with the Licensed number RC1621037, so they’re worth trusting.

How Does AirtimeFlip Work?

With AirtimeFlip, you can easily convert your airtime to cash which is available for all Nigerian networks (MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9Mobile), or even buy airtime and data bundles, you can also pay utility bills such as a DStv subscription, Electricity bills, and others, so AirtimeFlip offers variety digital services for Nigerian residents.

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How To Create an AirtimeFlip Account

In other to access AirtimeFlip services, you need to create an account which is very easy and can be done in less than five (5) minutes. Here is how to create an account;

  1. Download the AirtimeFlip App or visit the website
  2. Fill In Your Details: Fill in the required details in the blank field, accept the terms and conditions, and click on SIGN UP.
  3. Email Verification: Check your email (please don’t forget to check your spam box if you didn’t. receive the email in your inbox), a verification link will be sent to your email.
  4. Return to the Login Page: re-enter your email and password and click on Login.
  5. Go to your dashboard: once you have successfully login you will be redirected to your dashboard for further setup.

Account Set Up

Once you have successfully registered for an AirtimeFlip account, you will be required to set up some necessary account details such as integrating your account number, linking your BVN, and setting up transaction PIN. Here are the steps in setting up your AirtimeFlip account.

Adding a Bank Account

  1. From your dashboard, go to Setting
  2. Scroll down and click on Bank Setting
  3. Then select Add New Bank Account
  4. Input your account number and select your bank name, then click save.
  5. Your account name will be displayed then click on save.
  6. Your bank account will be added automatically

Adding a Bank Verification Number (BVN)

  1. From the same setting after linking your bank account. 
  2. Select Add BVN
  3. Input your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and then submit
  4. Your BVN will be reviewed and approved (if written correctly)
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Creating an AirtimeFlip transaction PIN

  1. From setting scroll down and click on Security
  2. Select Setup PIN
  3. Input your preferred four (4) digits PIN and re-enter it at the second blank field, then click on Save.
  4. Your 
  5. The PIN will automatically save to your account and will always be used to confirm transactions.

How to Convert Airtime to Cash

Converting airtime to cash is one of the most advanced features in AirtimeFlip platforms, you can complete this process in less than 3 minutes. Here are steps to convert airtime to cash in AirtimeFlip;

Step 1

  • From your dashboard, click on the services
  • select Convert-Airtime
  • Choose your preferred Network
  • Enter your preferred amount and phone number to convert from, then click on proceed
  • your request will be sent

Step 2

Your Airtime Flip will be received and therefore you’ll need to send the Airtime via the generated USSD code, It’s important to note that 30% goes off from the total amount sent. Once you’re done, AirtimeFlip will review and credit your wallet once approved.

Withdrawing Money from the AirtimeFlip account

Here are steps to withdrawing your funds

  1. From your dashboard, click on Funds Withdrawal
  2. Choose the withdrawal option (to Bank or Other Bank)
  3. Input withdrawal amount (minimum of N1,000)
  4. Input your 4-digit transaction PIN and then click on Proceed
  5. Your withdrawal will process in a few minutes and the fund will be disbursed into your bank account

Paying utilities Bills With AirtimeFlip

You can also use AirtimeFlip to pay your Bills, all you just have to do is to fund your wallet and then select a bill payment, such as Cable subscription, Internet subs, Electricity bills, and Education bills. You can also use AirtimeFlip for Airtime and data purchase. You will see the option listed above when you log in to your dashboard using the mobile App.

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How to contact AirtimeFlip customer care

AirtimeFlip provides four (4) different methods to contact customer care, which makes it easier for users to reach out to them. Here are the four contact options;

  1. Via Email:
  2. Via Call: 08073478551
  3. Via Text: 07026572464
  4. Via WhatsApp: 07043653239

It’s now up to you to choose your preferred contact option when you need assistance from their customer care service.

Benefits of using AirtimeFlip

With AirtimeFlip you can now easily convert your airtime to cash when you wish to or even pay your utility bills, buy airtime and data bundles at your convenience. So AirtimeFlip provides a variety of services to their customer.


Finally, If you’re looking for an Airtime to Cash converting platform or even a reliable platform to help pay your bills and easily buy airtime and data plans, you can give AirtimeFlip a tryout however, it’s also important to note that every successful transaction comes with N50 charges which many people consider very expensive, apart from that AirtimeFlip is a platform to try out.

That’s all we have for AirtimeFlip, don’t forget to ask any question in the comment section and we’ll be glad to give you a response.


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