How To Use Abumpay To Buy Cheap Data and Airtime VTU

How To Use Abumpay To Buy Cheap Data and Airtime VTU
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Do you know that with Abumpay you can now buy data bundles cheap, get airtime virtual top-up, pay your bills and also convert your airtime to cash if you wish. This App was recently launched and people are now making use of it. I will tell you everything you need to know about Abumpay and how the platform work, just ride along with me.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Abumpay
  2. How does Abumpay work
  3. How to Sign up for Abumpay
  4. Cheap Data and Airtime Virtual Top-up
  5. Airtime to Cash converter
  6. Withdrawing Money from the Abumpay
  7. Paying utilities Bills With Abumpay
  8. How to contact Abumpay customer care
  9. Benefits of using Abumpay
  10. Conclusion

What is Abumpay

Abumpay is a digital service platform that allows Nigeria users to purchase data bundles at a cheap rate, get airtime VTU, pay bills, convert airtime to cash and cable subscriptions.With Abumpay you’re you can now easily pay your utility bills, such as electricity bills at just few minutes. The platform is very much trusted and reliable and have a set of well coordinated staff that helps to rendered their services in an organized manner.

How does Abumpay work

Abumpay allows Nigeria residents to easily purchase data cheap, pay their bills, Cable subscription or even convert airtime to cash. This platform intends to make digital services easier for Nigeria residents, so with Abumpay, Nigeria resident who are looking for digital services platform that can enable them to easily buy data bundle cheap, pay their utility bills or convert their airtime to cash, Abumpay is an option for you, all you just have to do is to create an account with Abumpay and you’re guaranteed of smooth services.

How to Sign up for Abumpay

In other to get started with Abumpay you need to create an account with them before you can be able to access any of their services. For more easier and smooth experience, it is advisable to download the Abumpay App available on Playstore. Here are steps to sign up for Abumpay;
  1. Download and Install the Abumpay mobile App
  2. Launch the App on your smartphone and click on Get Started
  3. Click on Sign up here behind the Login button and you will be redirected to a new page
  4. Input your details (your first and last name, username, phone number, email and password) and click on Register
  5. You will receive a pop text, then click on Login and you will be redirected to your dashboard
  6. Congratulations you have successfully created an account with Abumpay
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Cheap Data and Airtime Virtual Top-up

With  Abumpay you can purchase data bundle and airtime virtual top-up at a very cheap rate. Abumpay offers a variety of data plans at an affordable prices. Here are the prices for different networks


Data Plan Price Valid Days
5OOMB N112 30 days
1GB N219 30 days
2GB N440 30 days
3GB N660 30 days
5GB 1,110 30 days
10GB N2,200 30 days


Data Plan Price Valid Days
5OOMB N112 30 days
1GB N223 30 days
2GB N446 30 days
3GB N669 30 days
5GB 1115 30 days
10GB N2,230 30 days
15GB N3,345 30 days
20GB N4,460 30 days
40GB N8,920 30 days


Data Plan Price Valid Days
500MB N140 7 days
750MB N140 7 days
1GB N209 7 days
1.5GB N315 30 days
2GB N420 30 days
3GB N630 30 days


Data Plan Price Valid Days
100MB N80 14 days
500MB N115 30 days
1GB N225 30 days
2GB N450 30 days
3GB N675 30 days
5GB N1,125 30 days
10GB N2,250 30 days 
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Data Plan Price Valid Days
100MB N30 14 days
300MB N90 14 days
500MB N125 30 days
1GB N239 30 days
2GB N480 30 days
5GB N1,200 30 days
10GB N2400 30 days


Data Plan Price Valid Days
100MB N100 14 days
500MB N100 30 days
1GB N159 30 days
1.5GB N280 30 days
2GB N320 30 days
3GB N480 30 days
4GB N640 30 days
5GB N800 30 days
10GB N1600 30 days

You can buy any bundle according to your budget

Airtime to Cash converter

Abumpay offers another feature that allows users to convert their unused airtime to cash. This means that you can now easily convert your airtime to money which can be withdrawn, though the service comes with a little charge. Here is how to convert your airtime to cash with Abumpay;

  • From your dashboard scroll down to our services and click on Airtime – Cash
  • Select Network Provider
  • Input the seller’s Mobile Number
  • Input the amount to exchange and click on convert
  • You will be redirected to Abumpay’s official WhatsApp with the text “Hello Admin! i want to convert (network + amount) to cash”
  • After that, a number will be sent to you, transfer your airtime to the number and your wallet will be credited with cash.
  • Important to note that 20% or 30% charges will be deducted from your wallet for every successful airtime converted

Withdrawing Money from the Abumpay

Abumpay offers a very smooth and easy process to withdraw money from your Abumpay wallet direct to your bank account. Here is how to withdraw from your Abumpay wallet.

  1. Login to your Abumpay dashboard and click on Withdraw button
  2. Choose your preferred amount to disburse (minimum of N500) and click on withdraw
  3. Input your bank account details and then click on withdraw
  4. you will opt to input your password to complete the transaction
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Paying Bills With Abumpay

With Abumpay you can now pay your electricity bill with ease. This is one of the most popular used features though at the moment you can only pay your electricity bill with Abumpay in the following city;

  1. Abuja
  2. Ibadan
  3. Eko
  4. Portharcourt
  5. Jos
  6. Kaduna
  7. Kano

The payment is available for both prepaid and postpaid meters. So you can pay your electricity bill easily with Abumpay.

How to contact Abumpay customer care

If you have any inquiries or issues and fill to contact Abumpay customer care, you can do that with the following details listed below;

  • Call/WhatsApp: 09039485950
  • Email:
  • Address: Along offa Garage off Ajase Ipo, Opposite Kwara express, Pipeline junction, Ilorin, Kwara State

Benefits of using Abumpay

With Abumpay, you can now easily purchase a data bundle at a cheap rate, get airtime virtual top-up, pay your bills, and easily convert your unused airtime to cash at ease. So with Abumpay your bills payment plan is guaranteed. The platform is very much trusted and legit so you can start making use of Abumpay today.


If you’re looking for a trustworthy digital platform that will help you purchase airtime and data bundles, pay your bills, or even convert your airtime to cash, you should consider giving the platform a tryout. Abumpay is a trustworthy and reliable platform to check out in 2023. That’s all I have for Abumpay, if you have any questions kindly specify them in the comment section.


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